Admiralty, Litigation and Arbitration

Admiralty, Litigation and Arbitration

We do all areas of contentious shipping work. For contentious shipping work, English lawyers traditionally draw the divide between wet work and dry work. Wet work refers to ship collisions, salvage and other marine casualties. ‘Dry work” will typically include every other type of maritime claims or shipping claims such as cargo claims, charterparty disputes, claims arising from bill of lading disputes, enforcement of ship mortgages, bunker disputes, claim for unpaid supplies, etc.‘ This divide is outdated. We believe that the modern shipping lawyer should be well placed to deal with all areas of shipping and maritime disputes.

Contentious shipping work is the mainstay of most shipping law practices. Few shipping lawyers traditionally do both contentious and non-contentious shipping work. We believe that our experience in doing both contentious and non-contentious shipping work gives us a blend of unique experience in doing shipping litigation and arbitration work. We look at all areas of work holistically from your business perspective.

We represent clients as counsel in cases before the Singapore courts including both Admiralty and non-Admiralty cases. We assist clients to apply for arrest of ships as security for their Admiralty claims.

We also represent clients as counsel in maritime arbitration cases. We regularly represent clients as their counsel in both ad hoc as well as institutional arbitrations e.g. at the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). We are corporate members of the SCMA.

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