Business and Contract Advisory

Business and Contract Advisory

Trite as it often sounds, prevention is better than cure. An important part of our business is to help our clients with business and contractual advice to start them on the right footing so that disputes can be minimised, if not avoided.

We do not believe in just doing piecemeal work. Being a one-stop shop for all areas of legal work for our clients enables us to have a helicopter view of their business, legal risks and liability.

For example, clients come to seek our assistance to structure their business when they start their business or they come to us to seek help to draft contracts for them or to assist them in negotiating contracts. Frequent examples include sale and purchase contracts, shipbuilding contracts, charterparties, commodity sale contracts and even commercial contracts.

Or we may assist them to structure their business operation and we help to structure the correct framework for chartering and for bills of lading to be issued by the right subsidiary company. Our experience in dispute resolution enables us to assess standard contract wording with a more critical and pragmatic eye.

DennisMathiew is a one-stop shop providing legal and business services to shipping, transport, logistics, and oil and gas businesses.