Ship Sale and Purchase, Ship Financing and Shipbuilding

Ship Sale and Purchase, Ship Financing and Shipbuilding

We can assist, advise and represent clients for ship registration or in ship sale and purchase transactions. We have acted for banks/lenders as well as borrowers in ship financing transactions.

We have also been on the panel of or have worked with various international ship registries and their correspondents and have been nominated by them to assist buyers, sellers or banks in ship registration, ship sale and purchase and ship finance transactions when clients require assistance. We are also well placed to advise on the differing merits of using different ship registries for different owners.

We have also acted for both shipyards and buyers on shipbuilding and vessel conversion contracts. Notably, we have experience in advising on such transactions ranging from simple tugs and barges to common commercial vessel like container vessels, tankers, dry bulk vessels and fishing vessels and vessels and structures in the offshore industry such as oil rigs, semi-submersibles and offshore support vessels.

Most lawyers who do ship sale and purchase or ship financing do not practise shipping litigation or arbitration. Our cross-experience in shipping litigation and arbitration involving ship sale and purchase, ship-building and other such contracts help provide clients with value added risk management perspectives when we assist our clients in drafting or negotiating such contracts or transactions.

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